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This is a small tool to make it possible to make windows OnTop, which is a nice feature as you can then keep Quake, your DVD player and/or a console on top allowing you to use the windows in the back and don't have to worry about windows popping over them.

OnTop is a feature of Windows which simply tells the window manager not to let any other windows (except OnTop windows) to get over it.

The prime reason for the creation of this program was that most programs don't support the ability to make it's windows OnTop. And as I usually watch a DVD Movie while doing some more "important" stuff and my DVD player program doesn't support the feature I simply had to create some kind of util for doing it. As a side effect it allows any window, like Quake and console windows to become OnTop.

The name of this program is taken from the James Bond Movie GoldenEye in which dutch actress Famke Janssen has a roll as the thighkilling Major Xenia OnATopp :)


OnATopp is a simple tool and it's also quite simple to use too.

Image describing the layout of the window

And how do I get a window to be on top, or not on top then? Well select it (or more than one) from the left-hand list then select the "On Top" checkbox if you want the windows to become OnTop. If you don't want the window to be OnTop then deselect the checkbox. When you are satisfied with your selection press the "Apply" button.


Following are the files available for download concerning OnATopp.

OnATopp11.exe - OnATopp 1.1 (Alpha Blending Edition) - 08 August 2000 - 32kB
Special 1.1 Alpha Blending Edition version which probably will only run under Windows 2000 or newer due to OS specific requirements. Thanks must go to Emiel Lensink for pointing me out the new Alpha Blending support in Windows.
If you want to know how this could look like take a peek at a screenshot of my desktop This is only the executable, copy it somewhere convienient and make a shortcut to it et voila.

OnATopp10.exe - OnATopp 1.0 - 24 October 1999 - 32kB
This is only the executable, copy it somewhere convienient and make a shortcut to it et voila.