In need of IPv6 connectivity, but don't have native IPv6 available? Then try SixXS. SixXS was launched as a follow-up project to IPng, but now as a whitelabel tunnelbroker which can be deployed easily at any ISP allowing ISP's to give IPv6 access to customers who don't have the ability yet to get native IPv6. In short: Free IPv6 connectivity.

Ghost Route Hunter

SixXS also provides other services next to the tunnelbroker system. One of which is the IPv6 to IPv4 Website Gateway allowing access to IPv4 only websites from IPv6 capable machines. The other is the Ghost Route Hunter project, providing an insight in IPv6 routing tables accross the world. One of the features of the GRH LG is the Bogon detector, the prefixes in the lookingglass are verified if they match up to all the criterias required to be allowed in the IPv6 global routing table.


This version of PuTTY has transparent support for IPv6, the binary should run on any platform (dual-stack IPv4/IPv6, single-stack IPv4 and single-stack IPv6); tested: NT4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista.

PuTTY has IPv6 enabled per default since 0.58.
Get it from the official site.

If you come across a problem using the IPv6 version of PuTTY don't hesitate to contact me to report it.

Wishlist items/bug reports:

PuTTY IPv6 Builddone
PuTTY IPv6 Updatedone
PuTTY IPv6 on VistaSVN r7007 (thus nightly builds) fix this
IPv6 ScopedSVN r7007 (thus nightly builds) fix this
Command line IPv6 addresses would require quite a lot of changes in the parsing code breaking backward compatibility

All patches have been included into the current PuTTY tree and are available in the development snapshots and PuTTY 0.85+.

NOTE: due to the way PuTTY's network code works, also to keep it backward-compatible to Windows 95 this is also an ugly patch. The patch thus is a bad example for making existing code IPv6 compliant, if you want to see how it should be done then check the How to program an IPv6 capable application section on this page.

CamServ IPv6

The following files give you access to a IPv6 enabled version of Camserv, of course it also does IPv4.

Camserv 0.5.0 Tarball
Camserv 0.5.0 Diff
Camserv 0.5.0 IPv6 Debian Package
Camserv-IPv6 0.5.0 IPv6 Debian Package

How to program an IPv6 application

Want to know how to code correct IPv4, IPv6 and other/future networking programs? Then check the defacto Implementing AF-independent application document by Jun-ichiro itojun Itoh of the KAME Project.

One should also take a look at Porting applications to IPv6 by Eva M. Castro which also contains examples and also explains porting multicast applications.

Misc IPv6 Patches

IPv6 and the Internet

This diagram shows one how the IPv6 and IPv4 internet communicate with each other. IPv6 and the Internet