Amiga Projects

After a Colecovision and a Commodore C-64, the Amiga A500 was the third computer system in our household. On the C-64 I dabbled already a bit in some Basic programming, but on the Amiga I started programming in both Assembly (using ASM-One as a compiler) and when I got the compilers also in C and we had exchanged the A500 for a Amiga A1200 which got upgraded with a M-Tec T1230 (Viper) with 8 MiB memory and a Syquest 105 MiB removeable harddisk in addition to an internal 340 MiB harddisk.

I wrote many tiny tools but did not have the chance to upload them as the Internet was not very accessible back then. Thus only friends would be able to use and test these tools. At one point I started doing internships and got Internet access though, which meant that I could much more easily upload things to Aminet which I did, the results of which are below.

Btw, check the readme's for an interresting email address that typically is not associated to Amiga.



DescriptionManage programs attributes to avoid collisions
Aminet Categorydev/misc
Aminet Publish Date1996-11-28
Aminet LinkAminet dev/misc/attrman


DescriptionThis little utility allows you to make a rainbow background and fix the MWB color without using up loads of memory, and you can even turn it off!
NoteMemory on an Amiga was always tight and MWB (Magic WorkBench) did make things quite a bit prettier but used a lot of memory thus I resorted to only using the icons and not the daemons that would have to run and created this tool to create the nice gradient in the background.
Aminet Categoryutil/wb
Aminet Publish Date1997-01-17
Aminet LinkAminet util/wb/cosmetic


DescriptionThis sana-2 device allows you to configure amitcp to use an unlimited number of ip addresses on your local machine. This is great for testing without connecting to any actual network.
NoteOn AmiTCP any address assigned to the loopback interface resulted that address to be blackholed. As I did not own any real AmiTCP/SANA-2 compatible hardware, I had no real network interface to play with TCP/IP. As sometimes one wants to connect from one IP address to another, I created this fake network card, which is in effect similar to a loopback interface to allow me to create a, for AmiTCP, real network interface and allow non-loopback IP addresses to be configured on it and thus allowing network tools to use it.
Aminet Categorycomm/net
Aminet Publish Date1997-04-03
Aminet LinkAminet comm/net/localdev


DescriptionScuSee allows one to see what commands and replies are being sent to Amiga SCSI devices
NoteWe used this to figure out the commands that audio CD players, CD burners and SCSI Scanners send to the devices as not all SCSI commands back then where fully used in a standardized way and some devices had custom commands or special options that where not published.
Aminet Categorydev/moni
Aminet Publish Date1997-03-27
Aminet LinkAminet dev/moni/scusee

Relative BOOPSI Gadget + GroupGadget

DescriptionThese couple of BOOPSI gadgets allow you to create a fast total BOOPSIwindow which resizes automaticaly because it uses the input.device task.
NoteI never liked fixed-window utilities and the toolkits that typically where used where too memory hungry, hence a very small tool to solve the problem properly
Aminet Categorydev/gui
Aminet Publish Date1997-02-12
Aminet LinkAminet dev/gui/relative


Descriptionfping for Amiga
NoteI contributed the IPv6 support to fping, and somebody else added Amiga support and uploaded this recently to AmiNet
Aminet Categorycomm/tcp
Aminet Publish Date2015-08-14
Aminet LinkAminet comm/tcp/fping

Indeed, I uploaded to Aminet with a Microsoft email address :)